Screenscape Studios

Though we have closed our doors, you can still reach out to the Screenscape Studios partners for any needs from past projects please feel free to reach out to them.

Brad Morford - President - Production
Todd Hyde - Vice President - Post Production/Footage Archives
Tony Dock - Vice President - Engineering/Footage Recovery


The soul of Screenscape is the professionals that bring dreams onto screens. From producers to editors to camera experts, the Screenscape Studios team works with you to deliver projects that are always visionary, never ordinary.

Brad Morford

President / Director / DP

Todd Hyde

Vice President / Avid Editor

Tony Dock

Vice President / IT

Let’s Start Rolling

Screenscape Studios offers a lot of services and we want to see if one or many of them can help you with your video solution. But to take the video in your head and put it on a screen, we need to know a little about what you have in mind. Simply fill out the project request form below and you’ll hear from us soon.