When you need a controlled space for your commercial, film or industrial or corporate video, you need a studio space. At Screenscape Studios, we build and light sets, cast talent and set up special effects shots in-house to create professional magic.


Our large 4,200 sq ft studio space is complete with greenscreens, infinity walls and set builders. It’s basically an imagination factory.


Screenscape Studio’s camera and grip equipment are state-of-the-art, industry standards that add a professionalism that people notice.


Never forgetting the first step of “Lights, camera, action,” we have the finest lighting equipment to recreate any conditions indoors.


With our set-building workshop, anything you imagine can be brought to life. If you dream it, we can build it.


Screenscape Studios is fully equipped to take your vision on the road, shooting commercials and industrials on location or setting up live shots at events. Our connections with out-of-state talent means that your dream is only limited by your imagination.

Grip Trucks

Screenscape Studios has 2 fully loaded grip trucks that can bring professionalism to any location shoot. It’s Hollywood on wheels.

Satellite Uplinks

Satellite uplinks, mixing boards and fully capable remote equipment means that broadcasting your event is as simple as showing up and pressing record.


We pride ourselves on getting the shot. That includes ones we have to travel for. Screenscape Studios’ connection with out-of-state agencies means that the world is your backlot.


To best deliver your message, sometimes you have to get animated. From two-dimensional drawing to 3D computer graphics, Screenscapes Studios has full capabilities to illustrate your concept with impactful and memorable animation.

Top Talent

Our talented animators have decades of experience and are supported by the best equipment on the market.

Fast Track

Screenscape Studios has numerous animation suites with industry standard software, ensuring that your animations will be cutting edge and memorable.


Our experience as a leader in video production has afforded us connections with additional animation resources. When you need the best, we can provide it.

Let’s Start Rolling

Screenscape Studios offers a lot of services and we want to see if one or many of them can help you with your video solution. But to take the video in your head and put it on a screen, we need to know a little about what you have in mind. Simply fill out the project request form below and you’ll hear from us soon.