The video is a wrap—now it’s time to put it all together. All the planning and shooting have led to this but there is still so much more creativity left to explore. Editors are storytellers, too, determining the pace and tone of every Screenscape Studios’ project.


In assembling the footage and other elements like motion graphics, visual effects, sound design and music, we set the style of the project.

Color Balance

Our professional editors will color-grade our footage, normalizing the tones and temperature to create a stunning final product.

Audio Engineering

Perfecting the audio mix in our edit suites ensures that the message is clear and doesn’t become lost because it can’t be understood.

Dope Beats

Music is an essential part of the process. Screenscape Studios provides music options for every budget to make sure the project strikes the right mood.

Special Effects

You’ve got a great video, now it’s time to make it look cool. That’s where special effects come in, providing an extra tool for effective storytelling that can transform your video from sufficient to unforgettable.


Adding motion graphics to an edit brings life and a higher level of professionalism to your project.


Some of that compositing can include computer-generated images, created by our team, to best serve your goals and unique audience.


Having a great video is only useful if it’s being seen in the right places. Screenscape Studios is your partner for the entire process, making recommendations on how to get it in front of your defined audience.


Whether your video is going to air on TV, live exclusively online or be projected on the side of a building, we’ll optimize it for the best format.


We’ll work with you to build a strategy to best promote your video, recommending what platforms work best for its length and content.


Our facility provides options to distribute your new project in any format. Whatever you need, we’ll do our best to provide.

Safe and Secure

To ensure nothing is lost, Screenscape Studios will archive all of your project assets on our secure servers. They’re always available, ready to be leveraged in future videos.

Let’s Start Rolling

Screenscape Studios offers a lot of services and we want to see if one or many of them can help you with your video solution. But to take the video in your head and put it on a screen, we need to know a little about what you have in mind. Simply fill out the project request form below and you’ll hear from us soon.